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Lymphatic drainage massage in Central London

Lymphatic drainage is a technique used to enhance the flow and function of the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is a series of one way vessels that drain fluid and waste from the body's tissues, filtering it through lymph nodes and eventually draining into the blood stream. Lymphatic Drainage has been shown to increase the speed of lymph flow up to 9 times for the following 4 hours after treatment.

Once the fluid is within the lymph vessels it is called lymph. Lymph contains proteins for recycling which are essential within the body. It also contains pathogens and tissue debris and metabolic waste compounds. Pathogens are dealt with by white blood cells in the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is an essential part of our immune system. The lymphatic system ensures the cells and tissues are continuously cleaned, pathogens dealt with and essential molecules are recycled. When the lymphatic system is sluggish the tissues can become congested, holding water and waste products. Illness, injury and and inactivity can compromise the lymphatic system.

"The benefits of Heather's lymphatic drainage massage are multiple. For me it clears away the effects of jet lag, which are experienced after travelling to Australia at least twice a year from London. My immune system gets strengthened and any tension that builds up around the head and neck becomes dissolved as she moves her strong fingers where they need to be to offer relief."
Peta Purdy

Lymphatic drainage in central LondonLymphatic drainage is a powerful and subtle technique that aims to aid the uptake of lymph from the outlying vessels and increase its flow through the system. It is incredibly light and rhythmical on the superficial tissues in order to encourage the gulping of fluid from the interstitial spaces into the tiny vessels 1 or 2 cells thick. Deeper, rhythmic, slow movements are performed on the clusters of lymph nodes occurring under the arms and top of the thigh and around the neck. Various pumping movements are also used through the abdomen and chest. Treatment can focus on a specific area of congestion or oedema (fluid retention) such as the face and neck or the lower limbs. Treatment through the gut and abdomen can aid with digestion.

Lymph Drainage can be included in treatment with other massage techniques to increase therapeutic benefit. When used in combination with other modalities such as Deep Tissue Massage or Relaxation Massage the release of tension and tissue congestion can be achieved. Lymphatic Drainage is used in Sports Massage in the early stages post injury to reduce swelling and inflammation of the injured area.

LD could be a one off treatment for well being but is most effective when performed as a series of treatments designed for the individual.

Deep Tissue massage in Central London

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for health and wellbeing, and tension and pain relief. Individually tailored Deep Tissue Massage is detailed and deep and releases deep held tension and restricted muscles. It is like a passive workout for the muscles, cleaning and invigorating the soft tissues. It helps relax the muscles while supporting healthy muscle tone.

Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy are powerful when combined and can be utilised together for enhanced results in pain and tension relief. Deep Tissue Massage boosts the circulation of blood and lymph and releases tight muscles and tense posture. Deep Tissue Massage is a satisfying release for the whole body. After Deep Tissue Massage the skin glows and the body feels free, weight is literally lifted from the shoulders and tight areas. Deep Tissue Massage is suitable for those who have tightness and subsequent discomfort in the muscles and is a wonderful addition to support a healthy lifestyle.

"Finding a really good deep tissue massage in London is surprisingly difficult but Heather Gibson fits the bill exactly."
John Anderson - Judge

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Therapeutic massage in central London

Sports massage in central London

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is for the active individual who takes an interest in sport and or physical leisure activities. The role of Sports Massage is preventative, supportive, enhancing and rehabilitative. Sports Massage plays can play a role in all the phases of training and sport from conditioning, pre event, post event, and injury and injury recovery. Techniques used in treatment will differ in their application and frequency according to where in their training program the sports person is especially in regards to competition.

Sports Massage is for amateurs and professional sports people or leisure activity enthusiasts. Sports Massage is also helpful for people who regularly use the gym and for the "weekend warriors" who do little activity in the week and then play in the weekends. The "weekend warriors" are more susceptible to injury or post game muscle soreness because of their lack of conditioning. Sports Massage can lessen the pain felt in muscles after activity which is called Delayed Onset Muscles Soreness or DOMS if performed within 24 hrs after the activity.

For the Sports Massage therapist treating sports injuries incurred through the clients specific sport is one aspect of the job. But I think an equally important aspect is understanding how the body is used in the specific sport, which muscles are used and what biomechanics are required to work optimally in that sport or activity. Combined with the understanding of the load of other daily activities, (not all sports people are professionals!) the Sports Massage practitioner can play an important part in the sports persons support network and ability to play and hopefully be injury free; specially when it comes to injuries that come from poor posture, and poor biomechanics. By understanding our clients and the requirements of their sport and daily life on their bodies and taking the time to properly consult and assess the Sports Massage practitioner can be of better value and service to them short and long term.

Sports Massage is a valuable tool for the active person to get the most out of their body and their sport.

"As a professional athlete I sometimes didn't look forward to my massage appointment but that has totally changed when I have been working with Heather and it's now my weekly routine to go and see her when I'm home in London!
She is the Best of the Best!"
Riika Hakkarainen - Professional golfer

Therapeutic massage in Central London

This is massage that uses therapeutic techniques and clinical reasoning towards a specific goal.

It may include treatment and targeting of a particular area that is producing pain or dysfunction. The area that is the target is assessed and with a health history a treatment program is put together. The goal may be to ease muscular pain in a certain area and or increase joint flexibility and motion.

The area presenting concern will be treated along with other relevant areas linked to the cause of dysfunction therefore enhancing the total function of the body by dealing with any compensation and restoring balance. Education is given on appropriate exercise and stretching that can aid restoration from the issue and prevent reccurrence. After a series of treatments, pain is lessened and the biomechanical balance is better and along with awareness of posture and exercise the likelehood of re injury and return to pain is lessened.

Therapeutic massage also has been proven to lower cortisol levels associated with stress and increase endorphins and seratonin, boosting the immune system and mood. This is important when dealing with chronic pain which is stressful for the individual. Some longterm pain e.g the tight painful shoulders of the overworked desk going individual is directly related to thier high stress levels. So in order to deal with the pain not just the area of pain needs to be dealt with but their stress levels too. Therapeutic Massage serves both purposes well .

Therapeutic massage has a cumulative effect, releasing the body from tension and pain, lowers stress levels, promotes body awareness and enhances performance of body and mind.

"Heather's holistic approach to massage therapy will get you there! She is warm, amicable and incredibly empathetic and just one session with her makes it evident that you are in the right hands!"