About Heather

Fully qualified osteopath, neuromuscular therapist and clinical rehabilitation practitioner in central London

Heather Gibson is a certified clinical rehabilitation JEMS practitioner

Heather Gibson M.Ost, FdSc, Dip. Sports Injuries, Chek Ex. Coach, JEMS Clinical Rehabilitation Practitioner

Heather is an osteopath specialising in hands on manual therapy, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, exercise rehabilitation, patient education including occupational and injury prevention advice.

Heather graduated from the New Zealand College of Massage in 2001 specialising in clinical Remedial massage, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy, Lymphatic drainage and Myofascial release. Further UK study has included sports injuries management and treatment and exercise rehabilitation and coaching.

She completed the Integrated Masters degree in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy (BSO), a 5 year program which included 2 years clinical experience at the BSO clinic and community clinics for the elderly, homeless and children.

Heather furthered her study with osteopathy because it reflects her beliefs on treatment of the human body treating the person as a whole and to gain a better understanding of medical pathology and differential diagnosis.

"As a professional athlete I sometimes didn't look forward to my massage appointment but that has totally changed when I have been working with Heather and it's now my weekly routine to go and see her when I'm home in London!
She is the Best of the Best!"
Riika Hakkarainen - Professional golfer

Heather Gibson M.Ost, FdSc, Dip. Sports Injuries, Chek Ex. Coach Heather came to London in 2002 following her passion to work in an integrated health care environment, quickly establishing herself as a soft tissue and myofascial specialist. From this time she has worked with multidisciplinary clinics in central London building a firm following of patients and professionals such as consultants, GP’s, physiotherapists, and nutritionists who refer to her. She has designed personalised treatment programs for individuals and worked as part of a team in integrated healthcare programs and designed bespoke bodywork programs on specialist health and wellness retreats.

Heather is known for her ‘magic hands’ and her ability to build rapport with patients. She has a strong work ethic and a passion for patient-centred care and has her patients’ best interests at heart. She believes in honest and ethical communication and treatment of the patient and patient education.

She has worked with athletes, dancers and musicians; however she believes good treatment is for everyone, whatever they do and has a keen interest in supporting the health of the office worker, mums and families and the general population.

She is interested in stress and its role in musculoskeletal presentations and patient empowerment through education and exercise advice.

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Heather Gibson Osteopath at Princess Grace Orthopaedic Centre

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